Spatial Rift #47

Warping space and time is our spatialty

academia nut
I have a chronic condition called paronomasia. I've had it for a long time. Dealing with paronomasia is not easy. The doctors are useless, they have no idea how to cure it. Whenever anyone finds out I have it, they cringe. Some even threaten to stop talking to me. It's hard, and often very painful. I just thought it was time I came clean about my condition. If you want to offer sympathy, or donations to paronomasia research, that's okay. I only ask that you learn more about the condition first; some basic information can be found here: Paronomasia.
This stays until war stops.

(Made by the incomparable firerosearien)

Credit for the House mood theme goes to crackified.
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LJ-Haiku2 for spatialrift47
calculation all
neatly in place seamlessly
forming one arch
Created by Grahame
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